Introduction – What is Gazette and its importance

Country runs on what is printed in gazette (government magazine), not on bhashans and slogans nor on just concepts. Gazette of India has detailed instructions – which official has to do what work.

For example – 500 and 1000 rupees note was banned not because PM gave a nice speech on it but because it was printed in the gazette (on instructions of the PM).

Some References of Gazette in news media –

  • “To give effect to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to denotify Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to curb black money, the central government on late Tuesday notified the changes.

The notification by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance published in the Gazette of India read: “The Central Government declared that the bank notes of existing series of denomination of the value of five hundred rupees and one thousand rupees, shall cease to be legal tender on and from the 9th November, 2016.””–finance.html (Yahoo News)

Whether a PM or CM is doing bad or good, he/she has to give instructions which will be printed in gazette and other officials can follow them only if they are printed in the gazette.

So, activists and citizens must decide which drafts to be printed in the Gazette. Also, activists/citizens must ask their favorite netas and election candidates to demand BEFORE ELECTION via their website, twitter etc. which drafts they want to be printed in Gazette.

You may vote for best person but please promote good procedure-drafts for good of country, you and your family.

Work of a Public servant is to propose such policies by which corruption, crime etc. burning problems of the society are solved. And there is no guarantee that after winning elections, a candidate does not turn around; that is why only making promises are not useful. That is why a good party`s aim and motto should be that first see our work and then give us vote and support.

Before taking any support from the Public, it is must to show them the full proposed procedures. It may happen that Public likes that proposal or gives feedback on that proposal or gives an even better proposal. But to ask support from Public without showing them any proposed procedure is clear-cut fraud with the Public.

Why Vikalp Party (unregistered) ?

Vikalp Party is the only party which has put BEFORE ELECTIONS on its FB page and website and manifesto drafts which it would like to be printed in Gazette. Party has put beginner pamphlets of TCP, RTR-MLA, RTR-CM and Jury in lower courts on its FB page and website which can be downloaded and distributed by anyone and party is promoting these pamphlets amongst masses. (see for drafts and pamphlets). Summary of these drafts are also presented in this party manifesto along with the links for full drafts.

We invite all citizens and activists to join our party and help us in this mission to change system via getting implemented better Gazette notifications. The activists/citizens can register at our website with their Voter number and can register their proposed Gazette notifications on the website. Other citizens can support or oppose these issues along with their Voter number.

How will Vikalp Party get proposed Gazette Notification like RTR-CM etc. implemented ?

We also have a Citizens` Verifiable media (CVM) website – cross-verifiable by any citizen – where any citizen can get registered with his/her Voter number/mobile and display their opinion along with their Voter number by sending appropriate code-SMS. Demo of the same can be seen at

On above mentioned Public SMS counting Server, citizens can give their complaints and suggestions in the form of drafts. If the draft is in the interest of commons and if sufficient number of Voter number supports (example – 5000 registered Voter number supports) come on the party website for that draft, party will promote this issue by all means and also arrange a meeting with PM/CM and with other representatives.

Compared to signature support, Voter ID internet support is authentic. Because commons cannot cross-verify the signatures nor can commons contact the signature giver and obtain more information while citizens can get address from Voter ID number and contact and cross-verify.

If any of the representative denies to fulfill the demand we will ask them to announce their reason to commons, why they are refusing? Public SMS Server will create a verifiable platform for commons to present themselves until TCP proposal (Citizens` Verifiable media platform) is not added in gazette.

All the Voter number support data on party website will be in excel format which can be seen by anyone and downloaded by anyone. This ensures that data is not destroyed even if site shuts down due to unforeseeable circumstances. Besides, we ask all to collect voter number support for an issue on excel sheet and upload on internet. All the excel sheet data for an issue can be merged removing duplicates.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, these proposed procedures will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

Example – Right to Information (RTI) act first came in Rajasthan in 1999 when thousands from all walks of life demanded it and Rajasthan CM was forced to implement it. Later this movement spread to other states and RTI was implemented all over the country.