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How Citizens can reduce corruption and save lives by getting passed 3 line government order – TCP

I (Voter ID number) ______________________
We urgently need a procedure which will reduce corruption and save lives; I request CM to immediately sign and pass a government order for it

This law of only three lines will save life of witnesses and whistleblower activists, reduce corruption, poverty, illiteracy, inflation, unemployment etc. problems in few months and will help in strengthening true democracy in the country.

  1. Summary of Proposed Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) = Transparent-Verifiable Media Portal (TMP)

¨                   (1) Citizens` verifiable media – Any citizen can put his complaint, suggestion etc. on an affidavit (stamp paper) & get it scanned completely onto PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to collector etc. specified office and paying Rs. 20 per page fee. This scanned affidavit along with verified Voter ID number will be visible to all without any need to login.

¨                   (2) Citizens` support/oppose on filed affidavit – (2.1) Any voter can get displayed his yes/no on already filed affidavit as per clause 1 on PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to Village Officer (Patwari) etc. office and give Rs. 3 fee (The fee will be 5 paisa once sms system is in place). The Yes/No along with Citizen`s Voter ID number will be visible to all.

¨                   (2.2) Safeguard clause – (Due to this clause, citizens can ensure that the procedure is immune to money, muscle or media power) – Citizen can cancel his yes/no any day without any fee.

¨                   (3) Counts are not binding – These yes-no counts will not be in any way binding on officials, minister, judge, MP, MLA etc. Their decision will be final.

Ø     This procedure is only this much. In simple words this procedure is saying that `Any citizen can get their proposal/ suggestion/complaint etc. as an affidavit scanned onto CM etc. specified government website along with their Voter ID number if he/she pays a certain specified fee.

  1. How this simple procedure will reduce corruption and save life of citizens & whistle-blowers

Poor condition of Today`s system – Let us say, in some area there happened a corruption or crime and citizen files a 10 page complaint or FIR regarding it or gives his witness statement and citizen gets copy of complaint/FIR, then it is very easy for a corrupt officer to form a nexus with criminals and suppress evidences/witness statements. This is because in present system, citizens cannot see their own filed FIR or application once they submit the same.

And in today`s system, criminals can easily threaten the witnesses; even the witnesses are many times killed. Because the criminals know that not many persons have access to the proofs and witness statements and that proofs can easily be suppressed by suppressing or killing the witness.

Let us say, that the person who wrote the complaint/submitted evidence or the group of that person has a big newspaper which reaches lakhs of homes. And they put every word of the 10 page complaint/evidence in the newspaper. Now, if each and every word of the 10 page complaint/evidence reaches lakhs of homes, then it is obvious that it will be much more difficult for the corrupt to suppress compared to the situation when the evidence is only at one office and only a few people can see the full evidence.

  But the problem is that very few people can spend daily lakhs-crores to run such a newspaper which reaches lakhs of homes. That is why as of today, it is very easy to suppress the truth and it is very easy to spread lies because corrupt people have connections with media owners while commons do not have any such contact. Corrupt persons have lot of reach while commons have very less reach.

Trivial Solution – If such a procedure comes that Citizen can put copy of their complaint, evidence etc. affidavit on PM, MP, MLA etc. popular website of representative, then reach of the commons will increase and other citizens can also find out from the Voter list whether the person is fake or real. And since the stamp paper has address of the affidavit filer, other citizens can contact that person and get more information or clear their doubts. So, if other citizen is fully satisfied and finds that the matter on the affidavit is beneficial for all, then other citizen will try to spread the evidence, complaint etc. to as many persons as possible.
If citizens have a citizen-verifiable optional procedure that they can show to the public their proofs, opinion etc. along with voter ID number ; then the police officer will see that these proofs can no longer be suppressed since lakhs-crores must have seen them
. And criminals also will understand that the witness has shown his statement to the public – so there is no benefit of harming or killing the witness. In this way, guilty will be punished and corruption will reduce and life of the witness will be also be saved.

  1. Why Indian citizens need this law desperately?

Biggest flaw in present Indian administration is that citizens do not have any citizen-verifiable method to put their clear-cut demand in a collective manner.

If elite want to put their views before public, then they can do it easily via their connections in media but if public wants to put their demands in front of the administration, then they are forced to use unorganized methods like Anshan-dharna, signature campaign, memorandum, blocking roadways, sloganeering etc. But all these methods do not generate any citizen-verifiable proof, meaning there is no proof of support or oppose counts for a specific issue which other citizens can themselves cross-verify. Since these methods are not citizen-verifiable, these methods are not relied upon and not taken seriously by citizens or officials. Without citizen-verifiable proof, no pressure is created on officials and they can easily give some excuse not to do required work.

In government sites like, citizens have no option to display their complaints, opinions etc. along with their Voter ID number and due to this other citizens cannot know whether the complaint filer is a genuine person or fake. Fake IDs, likes and comments are sold on facebook, etc. social media and without any means of contact, it is not possible to find whether the ID is true or fake. But in TCP procedure, the opinions of citizens will come along with their Voter ID number on CM website, so that any citizen themselves can take sample of the data of Voter ID numbers, obtain address of citizens, contact them and find whether the data is true or false.

Those who do not have internet, they will also be able to use this procedure by going to collector office or any other specified government office and get their application as affidavit scanned onto CM or PM website. Because any person can change their opinion any time, this procedure is immune to money-buyout, media power or gangster power or any kind of manipulation. Since the procedure is citizen-verifiable, any citizen can himself/herself verify what is the truth, what is not.

With implementation of this procedure, proposals of citizens cannot be suppressed easily. This increases the possibility of other pro-common procedures to be implemented which will decrease poverty, corruption in few months. Please read more regarding this in especially chapter 1, 5, 6, 21, 22, FAQ or contact us.
This procedure is optional and is safe. If you wish, you can keep your name confidential and ask your friend or an honest officer to file the affidavit in his/her name. If TCP is in place, any person can file copy of evidences etc. against corrupt Police, judges and politicians and show it to public and it will be difficult to suppress the submitted evidences, therefore the Police, judges and politicians will be afraid to help the gangsters. And that is why the gangsters will reduce their criminal activities.

Read full draft of Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure at or contact us.

  1. How citizens can get this procedure-draft implemented via Voter ID number support
  2. From your mobile inbox, send Mobile Activation-SMS to 9693938833in this format –

* YourVoterIDNumber *

(In other words, enter your Voter ID between two * symbols and send to 9693938833)

  1. Second SMS will be to same number having only 4 numbersin the SMS –


  1. Send email tosupport@brvp.orgin which is written your assembly, mobile number, Voter ID number which you want to register at site and your video request for registration

After completing these steps you can see your support at

Note – If due to some reason you do not have Voter ID number, then you can send first SMS as follows –

Second SMS will be the same as described above. Then your unregistered support can be seen in the unregistered page (along with last 5 digits of your mobile number) –  

Besides this, You (Common Citizen) can send following order via SMS and twitter to your representatives and ask all to do the same and get implemented procedure-draft for reducing corruption and exploitation and saving lives of whistle-blowers –

Please promote via your website, twitter etc. TCP procedure – and get it printed in gazette. FileSha1Hash = 8eac8ba735a94399f44ecd46a7c338f516357434 BitTorrentHash = 44a687caf1d7b3ac0efb1bade8ea5820cc6a7dc8
Or will not vote for you / your party. Make like Public SMS counting server so that SMS-opinions of citizens along with their voter IDs are seen by all, without any need to login

(You can scan this QR code to download above SMS) Compared to signature support, Voter ID internet support is authentic. Because commons cannot cross-verify the signatures nor can commons contact the signature giver and obtain more information while citizens can get address from Voter ID number and contact and cross-verify.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, this procedure will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

More on Public SMS server – ; Sha1 File Hash – or contact us.