Improving Moral Values, National character and Moral Education

Today, a citizen right from birth sees and learns that corrupt can easily suppress submitted evidence, complaints etc of a person with less communication tools and less connections. The citizen sees that corrupt can easily form nexuses with corrupt police, corrupt judges and corrupt politicians etc. With the help of these nexuses, the corrupt retain their job and are not punished and cases on them go on and on for years until they die. So, a young citizen learns that it is more beneficial to be corrupt than be honest.

The moral values, national character and moral education will improve if and only when policemen, courts conduct cases with least unfairness and speedily. In a country, where policemen and courts deliberately delay cases and through unfairness, morality will remain low, no matter how preaching and teaching is done. Once we commons ensure that policemen\courts are not harassing innocents and sparing the guilty, the crime, corruption, partiality and repression decreases, moral values and moral education will automatically improve.

Following are the Gazette drafts we propose to improve moral education in India –

  1. Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure –This citizens` media portal will enable citizens to display copy of their evidences, complaints if they wish, on PM website along with their Voter number. This will ensure that submitted evidences, complaints are not suppressed.  If this law is printed in Gazette, persons will learn that doing bad things like crime, corruption will expose them in Public with proof and be a huge loss. See details of this proposal in a previous section.
  2. Jury System, Right to Recall judges –This will ensure quick and fair trial. This will teach the person that breaking law and harming society leads to punishment and a loss to the person.
  3. Right to Recall Police Chief, Jury System over Policemen –Will deter from manipulating submitted evidences and not doing proper investigation
  4. Recall over other important government posts like ministers –This will teach the citizen that unethical behavior can lead to loss of job
  5. Teaching law as subject : Law-drafts should be taught as a subject to students, starting whichever level parent approve. This will help student to learn and decide which law is ethical and which is unethical and instruct their Public Servants to remove unethical laws.

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