Improving National ID (Uid)

Unless the National ID (Aadhar Card) is linked to employer, parents and relatives and bank accounts and the Aadhar Card Department Chief is recallable by citizens and the staff is subject to Jury trial, Aadhar card will not be beneficial and the data can be misused. So, using TCP (Proposed Citizens` Verifiable Media Portal), citizens should get printed these proposals in Gazette of India.

Besides this,  following reforms should be brought –

  1. Printing a clause to imprison or death sentence to non-citizen if he applies for Uid
  2. Linking person`s Uid with Uid of parents and blood relatives
  3. Linking a person’s Uid with employer and place of employment
  4. Jury Trial over Uidai staff
  5. Linking a person`s Uid with Bank account, Pan Card and DNA data

Whenever cost becomes affordable, DNA prints of all citizens should be added in id system. In the beginning, the DNA prints should be made compulsory for all Govt servants, then all citizens who earn above Rs 10 lakhs a year, then citizens who earn Rs 5 lakhs a year, then all citizens who earn Rs 200,000 a year and then all citizens at their cost and time.

These steps will help in tracking illegal immigrants and expel them. They will also help to track and punish tax evaders.

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