Health : Improving Medicare system

Today, the medical education is falling apart and health care costs are rising day by day. Due to rise of self-finance colleges, many brilliant students are not able to get admission and seats are passing to far less studious and intelligent students. So the quality of doctors will degrade rapidly in times to come. Plus, the Ministers\IAS are making cumbersome laws that will reduce the competition in pharmacy business, and thus will drive up the medicine costs. What Gazette Notification drafts can reduce the problems?

We propose following to improve medical education and reduce medicine costs (drafts yet not ready) :

  1. Right to Recall National Health Minister, State Health Minister, District Health Officer, Medical Council of India Chairman and State Medical Council Chairman : This will reduce corruption in apex body as well improve general efficiency and transparency.
  2. Many times doctors deliberately prescribe expensive medicine when cheaper medicine is available. Solution? If patient wants to disclose the medicine he is taking, the pharmacists will enter the list of medicine patient took along with his mobile number and email ID. So that competing companies may send him list of same medicine with cheaper price
  3. Using TCP, remove product patent and re-install process patent law. This will help many small companies to start manufacturing and thus increase competition and thus result in reduction of prices.
  4. Using TCP, enact a law that MBBS cannot leave India for 8 years and DM cannot leave for another 2 years and MD cannot leave India for 3 another years.
  5. Using TCP, abolish all self-finance seats in medicine. All medical colleges will have zero tuition fees
  6. The Government will make a website, on which pharmacy companies, registered doctors etc. can suggest “equivalent medicines” for a given brand name. This will enable patient to know if the doctor has suggested an expensive medicine or cost-effective medicine.

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