Improving Agriculture and Improving Ration Card

Using TCP, citizens and activists can bring following proposals in Gazette of India –

  1. Right to Recall National/State Agriculture Minister and Right to Recall National/State Irrigation Minister will reduce corruption in Agriculture and Irrigation.
  2. RTR Agriculture Minister will also improve warehousing and number of cold storages. It will reduce food wastages.
  3. Increase in support prices. This will enable farmers to pay for canal maintenance and water charges
  4. The metering of agriculture water, and de-subsidizing the water will reduce water wastage, improve water supply, and also reduce water logging.
  5. Ban harmful pesticides and cancel subsidies to all pesticides. Increase the support prices to cover the increase in prices.
  6. Ban exports of all agricultural goods including basmati, meat, eggs, milk, cotton etc.
  7. Ban Jatropa growing. We don’t have enough land and waters to grow food, and some people with 4-digit IQ want to grow crops so that car-owners can get diesel for cheap !!
  8. Cancel all subsidies to chicken, eggs, meat. This will reduce the amount of grain etc needed, because 1 kg of meat needs same water/land etc as 20 kg of wheat.
  9. Cancel subsidies on chemical fertilizer at the rate of 20% a year, and raise support price so that farmer can cover the cost of organic fertilizers.
  10. Cancel subsidies on diesel at the rate of 20% a year. Raise support prices to cover the increase in the costs.’
  11. Cancel all electricity subsidies at the rate of 20% a year. Raise support prices to cover the increase in the costs.
  12. Cancel subsidies to tractors at the rate of 20% a year. And raise support prices to cover the costs farmer will have to bear to buy tractor and/or use bullocks.
  13. Improve ration card system by enacting Right to Recall District Supply Officer and giving choice to citizens to change Ration Card Owner
  14. Add pulses to Ration Card System.
  15. Add desi cow milk to Ration Card System
  16. Impose agricultural land tax of 2% value above 5 acres per farmer family member. Farmer family member will be a person whose non-farming income is below Rs 200,000 a year and lives in the same village in which land is for at least 180 days in that year. This will reduce absentee landlordism. Absentee landlordism decreases per acre agriculture output as landless farmer will. And decrease in absentee landlordism will increase per acre output.
  17. Right to Recall Civil Supply Minister and Right to Recall District Supply Officer will reduce corruption in Ration Card department.
  18. Complete computerization of all records in civil supply dept and putting the records on net
  19. Integrating ration card shops with end users via SMS
  20. Banning use of human edible grains for animal feeding
  21. Jury trial for adulteration accused cases and Narco Test in Public by Approval of Jurors on those accused for quick and fair trial
  22. The milk will have explicit label of cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. The label will also specify whether the milk is from “desi cow”, “geer cow” or “jersey cow”.
  23. The milk have label displaying fat and protein contents, and possibility of heart attack depending on fat level, as determined by Medical Council of India. This will reduce the consumption of buffalo milk
  24. There should be one panjara-pol (or gau-shaalaa) in every colony of 10,000 to 30,000 in cities. Thus the cities will have at least 1-2 gau-shaalaa in each ward.
  25. Selling cow milk at subsidized rate via ration card shops (desi cow milk of about 100 ml per person per day will bought at cost plus 7% profits and will be sold at 50% less price via ration card shops)
  26. Enabling ration card shop owner to deliver food and milk at home for cost. The end user will pay cost in cash or kind.

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