Reducing alcoholism and drug addiction and related crime

Today, most CMs try to tackle this problem by banning alcohol and even soft drugs like bhang etc. But this only results in illegal smuggling and illegal sale of methanol-adulterated alcohol resulting in deaths and severe illness of those consuming adulterated alcohol. While the de-addiction centers` state of affairs is very poor.

Opium, hashish and other soft drugs reduce the demand for psychiatric drugs. The opium also reduces demand of pain-killer drugs. And so pharmaceutical company owners bribed eminent intellectuals to create a campaign against opium, hashish and then they bribed MPs etc. to enact laws to ban opium, hashish. The ban on opium, hashish also increased the bribe money policemen, Ministers and judges etc. were getting. The ill effect of ban is that prices of opium, hashish went up by 100 times, and so the opium addict had to resort to crimes like theft and resulting violence to buy opium.

But if opium if legalized, then opium will be cheaper than coffee or tea, and no one will need to resort to violence to pay for opium. Banning opium resulted into higher use of more harmful drugs such as smack etc a they give more “kick” per cubic centimeter of volume. And why should volume in cubic-cm become a factor? Because when something is banned, peddlers’ overheads depends more on volume in cubic-cm and not on transport costs. The drugs like smack etc. take less volume in cubic-centimeters and so are cheaper than opium for peddlers. This further worsened the health of addicts, and increased the sale of pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, ban on opium has increased sale of tobacco and cancers. This further increased the sale of pharmaceutical companies. So all in all, opium benefits only pharmaceutical companies and corrupt policemen, judges, Ministers, and ruins the addicts and also increases crime rate in the society.

Will legalizing hashish reduce crimes or increases crimes? As a real example, Netherlands legalized opium and number of serious convicts reduced from over 14000 in Jan-2002 to 12000 in Jan-2009 !! Netherlands is one of the few countries in world where high security prisons are being shut down !!

The Netherlands model was adopted by other countries like Portugal also and they also had similar results. Netherlands etc. countries along with legalizing opium also improved the rehabilitation system for addicts.

So shall we legalize opium? We propose public vote on this issue using TCP (Proposed Citizens` Media Portal). When opium legalization is put for public vote, majority of citizens will realize that banning opium worsens the health of addict and increases the risk on life and property of non-addicts. So most addicts will vote YES, so will their family members and so will most non-addicts. And thus without any smear campaign, opium will get legalized.

For more details see especially chapter 1, 6, 37.5