Vikalp Party Agenda–Manifesto –  A synopsis

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    Websites with easily searchable Public Fund spending details like name of officer approving payment or name of officer inspecting etc. Citizens can enter name of officer and get all his previous work record. Citizens can themselves cross-verify and decide which officials are working properly so that the citizens can support / promote them. With right information, possibility of citizens making a right choice increases
  2. RIGHT TO RECALL (Right of Citizens to replace their officials) –
    Our proposed procedures if in place, will encourage officials to improve their behavior and work since of fear of being replaced by better persons. These proposed procedures ensure that media, money or any other influence does not harm the officials doing good work and ensure that citizens can support good officials and stop bad officials from doing harm. These proposed procedures also increase stability.
    100% Made in India, 100% Made by Indians manufacturing for security and defence of our country and to avoid forex debt crises.
    Citizen-Verifiable media platform for citizens to get their affidavits having complaints, evidences etc. scanned onto PM website for an affordable fee. This ensures that voice of commons does not get suppressed.
  5. Reducing, streamlining Reservations using approvals of poor SC, ST and OBCs and reducing need of Reservation –
    Proposals which streamline reservation with approval of dalits etc. and help reduce need of reservation
    Proposed procedure-draft for preventing evidences to be destroyed easily and for quick, fair court trials. Court cases will be decided by 15 to 1500 Jurors from randomly selected from Voter list instead of judges.
  7. Reduce Poverty in few months by Mineral Royalty for Citizens and Military (MRCM)
    Proposal to deposit mineral royalty and Public land rent – share of each citizen – directly into each citizen’s bank account will reduce poverty in short time
    Proposed abolishment of post of President and Governor and DIRECT ELECTION OF PM and CM.,PM and CM will be also recallable by the Citizens any day
  9. Reducing alcoholism and drug addiction and related crime –
    Party supports Netherlands model where rehabilitation system of addicts was improved and ban was lifted with referendum of the citizens. Simply, Banning without other measures only results in illegal smuggling and illegal sale of methanol-adulterated alcohol resulting in deaths and severe illness of those consuming adulterated alcohol. While the de-addiction centers` state of affairs is very poor.
    Most important problem in Crime against Women is low conviction rate and evidences easily being suppressed and no action taken by corrupt Judges, Police and Public Prosecutors. The new time offenders are seldom punished due to which they are encouraged and they subsequently commit bigger crimes and other people around them are also encouraged to commit more bigger crimes.
    For reducing this problem we propose – 1) Citizen-Verifiable, Transparent Complaint/Proposal Procedure – So that complaints/evidences are not suppressed, 2) Jury trial – For quick, fair judgements, 3) Narco Test in Public by Jury approval – This reduces possibility of false cases, 4) Right to Recall over District Police Commissioner and District Judges – so that citizens can support better officials and stop bad officials from doing harm.
  2. Housing : Reducing and stabilizing House prices –
    Proposed effective wealth tax and proposed MRCM (Mineral Royalty for Commons and Military) Gazette Notification will stop hoarding of the land and thus bring down the land prices. If price of land falls, then housing price and thus house rents will fall, which will improve quality of the lives of us commons. Many of us commons who live in slums will be able to move to say 1BHK flats. And if price of land falls, number of businesses will rise (since as real estate cost drops, it becomes easy for craftsmen to start their business), and we commons will have far more jobs and better salaries.
  1. STREAMLINING OF TAXES to encourage entrepreneurship –
    Proposed Effective Wealth tax and streamlining of taxes by ending VAT, GST etc. effective wealth tax stops hoarding of the land and thus brings down the land prices. Since land is main component required to start any business, due to the lower land prices, lower cost of land lowers the cost of land for entrepreneurs leading to flourishing of new businesses and thus number of business increase, and so does employment. Effective Wealth taxdoes not harm those who are not hoarding land and property and are utilising the property by using it for industry, business etc. since there will exemptions for income tax paid and salaries given to employees
  2. IMPROVING POLICE – Improving work of officials via Replacement procedures, Jury system, Using wealth tax over land, triple the number of policemen, National-ID system to improve recording keeping and track criminals amongst other reforms
  3. IMPROVING EDUCATION – Right to Recall District Education Officer and Education minister will help citizens to promote officials doing good work. Parents of a district / state can vote for which subjects to be taught to their children.
  4. IMPROVING NATIONAL ID – Unless the National ID (Aadhar Card) is linked to employer, parents and relatives and bank accounts and the Aadhar Card Department Chief is recallable by citizens and the staff is subject to Jury trial, Aadhar card will not be beneficial and the data can be misused
  5. IMPROVING AGRICULTURE AND IMPROVING RATION CARD – Right to Recall and Jury system over officials in agriculture will improve work of officials and deter them from doing corruption. Cancelling subsidies to fertilizers, pesticides and increasing support prices will help the farmer directly and encourage healthy, organic produce. At same time, ration system should be improved so that end consumer is not affected. Jury trial for adulteration accused cases and Narco Test in Public by Approval of Jurors on those accused for quick and fair trial will also help both farmers and consumers.
    remove product patent and re-install process patent law to increase competition in pharmacy business and reduce costs of medicines, abolish all self-finance seats in medicine so that meritorious students get admission in medical colleges amongst other proposed reforms.
    Inflation in general increases ONLY when rupees (M3) are manufactured in form of loans etc. and given to the rich increasing rupee volume per citizen, increasing rupee supply and decreasing value of rupee and increasing the value of other items such as food, oil etc. Solution is recall procedures over RBI chairman , Finance Minister to deter manufacturing of rupees (M3) for the rich. RBI governor should be able to manufacture rupees ONLY with the approval of 51% of the citizens of India with help of TCP (Transparent Complaint Proposal Procedure) Media portal.
    MPs and MLAs get bribes for not passing some laws and they get bribes to pass some laws. If Citizens` Verifiable media portal called TCP is in implemented by PM or CM in Gazette, Citizens can communicate in an effective, Verifiable manner and come to a consensus what they would like to have in the Gazette and what they would not like to have.
  9. Cancel tax treaties Mauritius, Singapore, Fiji TODAY itself. No delay –Mauritius, Singapore, Fiji tax treaties is a major route of black money being invested and converted into white. Also, these routes ensure that those having company headquarters in these countries pay less tax compared to those who have company headquarters in India. This results in unfair suppression of the local industries even if they are efficient