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We will implement Right to Recall – MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly)

  1. IntroductionRight to recall – MLA creates a procedure using which we commons can replace MLA without waiting for 5 years. Today we give our 5 years to a candidate, he/she wins the election, and then they disappear from our reach. Today most elected representative of common citizens make no system to listen to the problems and complaints or any advice of their constituents. In the present electoral system, the citizen have no choice but to suffer for 5 years. Until, the law-procedure comes on government site, we will implement Right to Recall system on our website via Public SMS server wherein common man does not have to suffer for 5 years to change their representative. People can register with us with Voter ID number and display, support or oppose complaints etc. on affidavit on our website with their Voter ID number and with a majority of votes can pressurize their representative to be replaced.

(A)  Right to Recall means that citizens of that area can by themselves replace their representative (MLA) any day. Citizens themselves can initiate the recall/replace procedure any day. Due to fear of losing Chair, 99% representative will improve their behavior and their work and those who do not improve their work can be replaced by better ones. Please note that these procedures improve behavior as well as services. And, it is often seen that those persons who improve their behavior and work are re-elected again; in this way these procedures improve stability. There is no need for any amendment for most of these recall procedures, CM / PM can pass these as a Government Order.

(B)  Biggest flaw in present Indian administration is that citizens do not have any citizen-verifiable method to put their clear-cut demand in a collective manner. If elite want to put their views before public, then they can do it easily via their connections in media but if public wants to put their demands in front of the administration, then they are forced to use unorganized methods like Anshan-Dharna, signature campaign, memorandum, blocking roadways and railways, sloganeering etc. But all these methods do not generate any citizen-verifiable proof, meaning there is no proof of support or oppose counts for a specific issue which other citizens can themselves cross-verify. Since these methods are not citizen-verifiable, these methods are not relied upon and not taken seriously by citizens or officials. Without citizen-verifiable proof, no pressure is created on officials and they can easily give some excuse not to do required work. These also generate so much time wasting and issues which are not favorable for development of our country.

In government sites like, citizens have no option to display their complaints, opinions etc. along with their Voter ID number and due to this other citizens cannot know whether the complaint filer is a genuine person or fake. But in our proposed system, the opinions of citizens will come along with their Voter ID number on CM or PM website, so that any citizen themselves can take sample of the data of Voter ID numbers, obtain address of citizens, contact them and find whether the data is true or false.

Those who do not have internet, they will also be able to use this procedure by going to collector office or any other specified government office and get their application as affidavit scanned onto PM or CM website. Because any person can change their opinion any time, this system is immune to money-buyout, media power or gangster power or any kind of manipulation. Since the procedure is citizen-verifiable, any citizen can himself/herself verify what the truth is, what is not?

Before taking any support from the Public, it is must to show them the full proposed procedures. It may happen that Public likes that proposal or gives feedback on that proposal or gives an even better proposal. But to ask support from Public without showing them any proposed procedure is clear-cut fraud with the Public.

  1. Summary of one of the most important laws which we have proposed to reduce corruption in India – RTR-MLA

2.1.   Citizens` verifiable media [Instructions for District Collector, CM] – Any citizen can put his/her complaint, suggestion etc. on an affidavit (stamp paper) & get it scanned completely onto PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to collector etc. specified office and paying Rs. 20 per page fee. This scanned affidavit along with verified Voter ID number will be visible to all without any need to login
Explanation – Using this procedure, citizens can tell proof of work of officials in their area to other citizens so that based on these proofs, citizens can decide which official is doing good work and who is doing bad work.

2.2.   Registration of MLA Candidates [Instructions to District Collector] Any Indian citizen above age of 25 years can deposit fee equal to deposit of MLA election at Collector office and get his name displayed on CM website as MLA candidate.

2.3.   Approval by Common Citizens – (1.3.1) [Instructions to Patwari=Village Officer=Lekhpal] If a citizen comes in person to Patwari (Village Officer) office, pays Rs 5 fee, and approves at most five persons for MLA position, the Patwari would enter his approvals in the computer and would give receipt showing his voter-id#, finger print, date/time and the persons he approved. (The fee will be Rs 1 only once sms system is in place) The Patwari will put the approvals of the voters on website of CM with citizen’s voter-ID number and names of the candidates he approved.

(1.3.2) Safeguard clause (Due to this clause, citizens can ensure that the procedure is immune to money, muscle or media power) – Citizen can cancel any of his approvals any day without any fee.

2.4.   When can present MLA resign [Instructions to MLA] If the Voter population in that MLA constituency is less than 2 lakhs and if any MLA candidate has 10% more approvals (of all Voter population) than present MLA or any MLA candidate has approval of more than 51% total number of voters, then the present MLA can resign in 7 days (or he need not do so) and can promote the MLA candidate with the most approval. If the MLA constituency is of more than 2 lakhs and a MLA candidate has at least 5% more approvals (of total number of Voters) than the present MLA, the present MLA may resign.

2.5.   Motion to remove old MLA and election of new MLA [Instructions to speaker of Assembly, MLAs]

If condition mentioned in 1.4 is met and present MLA refuses to resign in 7 days, then the Speaker may or need not call a motion to expel that MLA in the Assembly. The decision of the Speaker will be final. Other MLAs may or need not approve the motion to expel that MLA.

[Instruction to Election Commission] If MLA resigns or is expelled, Election Commission will conduct new elections as per the norms. In the next election, the resigned or expelled MLA can fight.

Full draft of RTR- MLA see or contact us – one of our activists will speak to you shortly.
Full draft of RTR-CM, please see –

Besides replacing an inefficient Public servant, citizens can also use these procedures to retain an efficient and honest Public servant if citizens feel that the said Public servant was unfairly expelled.

     In similar manner will be the recall/replace procedure-drafts on other national/state level posts such as CM, Corporator, Mayor, Sarpanch etc. Only replace the word `MLA` with CM, Corporator, Mayer, Sarpanch etc. Final say on the thresholds will be decided according to majority approval by citizens by proposed TCP referendum procedure (see for draft)
For posts where crores will give approvals like PM, CM, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 2% more (of ALL voters, not just those who voted) approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant. For posts where 10-20 lakhs of common citizens will give their approvals like MLA, MP, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 5% more (of ALL voters, not just those who voted) more approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant. For posts where less than 10 lakhs of common citizens will give their approvals like Corporator, Sarpanch, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 10% more (of ALL voters) more approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant.

  1. Special anti-bias Safeguard Provisions for Right to Recall proposed procedures

 For officials who are not elected, to the clauses mentioned for national/state level recall procedures add these points as safeguard for possible casteism or other bias factors present in few districts –

2.6.   With approval of over 51% of ALL citizen voters in the State, the CM can suspend this law for a district for 4 years and appoint official in that district as per his discretion.

2.7.   With approval of over 51% of ALL citizen voters in India, the PM can suspend this law for a State for 4 years and appoint officials in all districts in that State as per his discretion.

  1. How can commons get these pro-common laws implementedvia Voter ID numbersupport ?
  2. From your mobile inbox, send Mobile Activation-SMS to 9693938833in thisformat  –

* YourVoterIDNumber *

(In other words, enter your Voter ID between two * symbols and send to 9693938833)

  1. Second SMS will be to same number having only 4 numbersin theSMS  –


  1. Send email tosupport@brvp.orgin which is written your assembly, mobile number, Voter ID number which you want to register at site and your video request for registration

After completing these steps you can see your support at

Note – If due to some reason you do not have Voter ID number, then you can send first SMS as follows –

Second SMS will be the same as described above. Then your unregistered support can be seen in the unregistered page (along with last 5 digits of your mobile number) –

Besides this, You (Common Citizen) can send following order via SMS and twitter to your representatives and ask all to do the same and get implemented this procedure-draft for reducing corruption and exploitation –

Please promote via your website, twitter etc. RTR-MLA procedure – and get it printed in gazette. FileSha1Hash = fb7227c8f67565896fc2b3bd03fd4e61073e4b49 BitTorrentHash = fb7227c8f67565896fc2b3bd03fd4e61073e4b49  Or will not vote for you / your party. Make like Public SMS counting server so that SMS-opinions of citizens along with their voter IDs are seen by all, without any need to login

(You can scan this QR code to download above SMS) Compared to signature support, Voter ID internet support is authentic. Because commons cannot cross-verify the signatures nor can commons contact the signature giver and obtain more information while citizens can get address from Voter ID number and contact and cross-verify.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, this procedure will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

To know more about Public SMS server, please see this link – To know more about Sha1 File Hash and to know more about `SMS order to Public Servants along with link and file hash of draft`, please see this link – or contact us.