Many foreign companies are creating wealth such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Motorola and 1000s of such companies. But several corrupt MNCs, and even Indian super-corporates too, are more in the business of encroaching banks, mineral mines, TV-channels, newspapers and creating oligopolies. They are not in the business of wealth creation.

And even amongst wealth creating MNCs, dominance and oligopoly can create severe problems in the area of Military. Eg if we import telecom equipment from a US company say Nortel. These switches have radio-receivers in them, which on receiving radio signals can be deactivated. If these switches are used in India, then during US-India war, US can disable the telecom network by merely pressing a button, and whole Indian Military will become deaf and blind and we will lose. That’s why hi-tech imports which may effect Military should be prohibited even from good MNCs.

Corrupt lobbies sponsored and Paid media promoted `Make in India` or majority of so called `fully indigenous` manufacturing is in fact importing of parts and assembling them in India. And most of the assembly lines and their spare parts are imported. Meaning, we are dependent on corrupt lobbies of other countries for our basic needs. This dependency is used by corrupt MNCs to blackmail and exploit our industrialists, politicians, etc. using Carrot and stick approach (meaning – benefit if they comply to favorable laws etc. demands of corrupt lobbies and suffer if they do not comply).

We need Government Orders (Gazette Notifications) which permit wealth creating companies to flourish and curb actions of the corrupt MNC-owners who do nothing but create monopolies. And we also need Gazette Notifications to ensure that the damage good MNCs can do on Military reduces.

What can India do to get rid of corrupt MNC-owners’ controls? We need to reduce their internal influence as well as increase our strength and productivity. To increase our strength and productivity, we need to reduce injustices in courts, police, polity etc by printing Right to Recall procedures, Jury System, Streamlining Tax collection by means of wealth tax etc in the Gazette. And we also need to print drafts in Gazette that will reduce strength of MNC-owners inside India.

Please note that methods that aim to expel corrupt MNCs and not fix weaknesses in India will fail when MNC-owners send US Army. Eg using law, we can expel all MNCs like Coca-cola or McDonald etc. using law, we can also ban all missionaries. But when MNC-owners send US troops to further business interests of these companies, no law-draft will help. Only weapons will help in this case and we can`t manufacture weapons till we reduce the corruption and unfairness in our courts, police and administration. So laws to expel or demote corrupt MNC-owners are only short term and insufficient measures.

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