The problem with law-making

There are two basic problems with law-making as of now

  1. MPs, MLAs etc do not make laws we citizens want. E.g. MPs refused to enact MRCM law-draft that we commons should get land rent from GoI plots like IIMA plot, airport plots etc. Likewise, MPs have refused to enact Right to Recall SCjs, HCjs, PM, CM etc laws.
  2. MPs make laws that citizens dont want. E.g. when MNCs bribed MPs, MPs enacted patent laws which increased the prices of medicine by several times.

Why do MPs, MLAs behave like this? Because of corruption and no other reason. The MPs and MLAs get bribes for not passing some laws and they get bribes to pass some laws. The citizens have no option but to tolerate them as citizens can expel them, cant change the laws etc.

       The solution to first problem

If Citizens` Verifiable media portal called TCP is in implemented by PM or CM in Gazette,  Citizens can communicate in an effective, Verifiable manner and come to a consensus what they would like to have in the Gazette and what they would not like to have.

TCP,  Right to Recall PM and Right to Recall MPs solve the first problem. If MPs are hell bent on not enacting a law, then using TCP, citizens can force PM\MPs to enact that law. And using Right to recall PM, MPs the citizens can expel PM, MPs who are not co-operating. So the problem that MPs are not enacting laws like MRCM, RTR etc is solved by TCP.

       The solution to second problem

Very often, we see that MNCs etc will bribe MPs and get laws passed, which go against interest and wishes of the citizens. Eg in 2005, corrupt MPs of all parties passed Patent laws, which drastically increased the medicine prices, and no approval of the citizens was taken.

So what Gazette drafts do we propose to reduce this problem?

In Parliament, a law-draft seldom passes without approval of PM. Almost all corrupt laws are passed only with full co-operation of PM. As of now, PM doesn’t care as citizens’ wishes as we citizens don’t have procedures to expel/replace PM. But once RTR-PM draft gets printed in the Gazette, PM will deter PM from passing corrupt laws. And Right to Recall MP will also deter MP from passing a corrupt law.

Further, one of the law-draft  proposed enables citizens to ask MPs\PM to VOLUNTARILY conduct Narco Test in public with approval of Jurors. This will create a deterrence in MPs\PM from passing laws for bribes.

Further, lets us say that MPs and PM still dare to pass a corrupt law-draft because of MNCs’ bribes or other reasons. Then Right to Recall Supreme Court judges and Right to Recall High Court judges will increase the chances that SCjs and HCjs will strike it down such a law-draft immediately, because they may worry that citizens would expel them otherwise.

TCP itself reduces the possibility that MPs and MLAs will ever enact a law-draft for bribes. How? Because lets say a company gives bribes of Rs 1 crore to each MPs totaling expenses of Rs 800 crores to enact a law. Then next day, citizens can repeal that law-draft using TCP and the company lost all its Rs 800 crore for practically nothing in return.

Given all these safeguards, chances that MPs will enact laws for bribes are now near zero.

For more details, please see chapter 39, and