Electoral Reform

Why ALL electoral reforms are useless without Right to Recall MPs, MLAs

We talk about electoral reforms, so that “chances” of getting bad person elected reduce and chances of getting good person getting elected increases. But unless we have Right to Recall, the chances that next elected candidate will become corrupt will remain extremely high. So most urgent and important task is RTR MLAs, RTR MPs etc. But then question is : existing MPs will never enact RTR laws as it goes against their financial interests. Then shall we wait till next election and replace MPs? Well, that will hurt us for next five years and will only benefit existing MPs – they can take bribes without worry for next five years. And the possibility of next batch of MPs selling out remains high. So solution is to raise a mass movement asking citizens to force existing PM, CMs to print TCP. Once PM and CMs have been forced to print TCP – Citizens` Verifiable Media System, citizens can enact RTR over PM, CMs, Supreme Court judges etc within a few months and also get implemented the following proposals –

  1. Direct elections of CM, PM, Sarpanch, Mayor
    2. Banning EVMs, back to paper ballots
    3. Conducting polls on one day
    4. Simplifying election form filling
    5. Raising election deposits for wealthy candidates
    6. Increasing number of citizen-voters who propose a candidate on form
    7. Restricting number of candidates
    8. Install Recall Voting (IRV) aka Preferential Voting
    9. Eliminate optional withdrawal of candidates
    10. Election and Proportionate Representation inRajyasabha
    11. Inner Party Democracy

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