Core principles of Vikalp Party

1) To inform all citizens of India about proposed Citizen-Verifiable Transparency Government website for Public Fund Spending details and get this implemented with the Voter number / address support-display of citizens on internet –

As much information as possible should be easily viewable, searchable and downloadable by the Public via websites in such a manner that the citizens can themselves cross-verify and decide which officials are working properly so that the citizens can support / promote them. With right information, possibility of citizens making a right choice increases. See more here.

2) What is Gazette and Importance of Gazette –

To explain to activists and citizens importance of Gazette Notifications and how whatever is written in gazette becomes the law of the land. See more here

3) To promote CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE means of displaying support –

Citizen-Verifiable means that citizens themselves will be able to contact and cross-verify a sample of a given data and decide for themselves whether the data is true or false. This is only possible if some contact means like address or an id number like Voter number is displayed along with name of the person in the data. See more here

4) Promoting Culture amongst voters of `First show appropriate work and Citizen-verifiable support and then ask for vote or support` –

To promote culture amongst voters for supporting / voting a political party or an election candidate AFTER candidate / party has spread in their area information of pro-common procedures to be printed in the gazette and AFTER candidate / party has promoted CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE methods of supporting these proposed laws.

To become candidate of this party, an active member should have collected and displayed on internet certain number of Voter number supports from their constituency for themselves and for an issue demanded by the party. Also, members get points for promoting party agenda. In certain cases, members can give points to potential candidates. All this, gives incentive to members to further agenda of party. Members will spend time in promoting party agenda rather than spend time only on getting party ticket, promoting oneself and party factionism. See more here

5) To inform all citizens of India about proposed pro-common procedures and get them implemented with help of Voter number / address support of citizens on internet –

Party proposals other pro-common, citizen-verifiable procedures to be printed in gazette like Right to Recall, Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure Media Portal, Jury system etc. (see for details) and get these implemented with the Voter number / address support-display of citizens on internet

6) To rise above all castes, classes and religions and work for systems which will benefit citizens of all castes and religions and promote cordial atmosphere amongst all citizens –

Our proposed procedure-drafts to be printed in gazette promote citizen-verifiability, reduce corruption and poverty, fair, impartial and quick jury trials and thereby increases merit. This benefits all strata of the society equally. See more at


To promote citizen-verifiable platform for citizen-voters where they can display their opinions via SMS, twitter etc. along with their Voter number. The issue with publicly displayed, Citizen-verifiable, Voter number support is seen by all, can be easily displayed by all and is groupable.

Say 10 persons independently, display 1000 Voter number / address supports each for an issue in this way or even on a piece of paper and say 1000 supports are duplicate. Then, the data on excel sheet can be easily be grouped and displayed by any other activist after removing the duplicates. Other activists can ask their representatives via tweet etc. to act on the issue. Issue demanded via this manner will never die even if the activists themselves stop working on the issue. The supports for the issue will slowly increase until sufficient number of supports have accumulated and the issue will get implemented.

Besides, the truth is `Your MP cannot hear you, Your MP can only count you.`

Say each voter desires that MP should listen to him for 5 minutes. Now MP has 17 lakh voters and even 25% voters speak for 5 minutes each, it is 17 lakh * 25/100 * 5 minutes = about 21 lakh minutes . And even if MP spends 10 hours a day listening, then also it would take him over 8 years to 9 years !!! In Other Words, it is materially impossible for an MP to “hear” your speech or read your letter or read your sms. And it is impossible for PM. Even corporator who has 1 lakh voters won`t be able to hear voters below him. (See more here)

Making Decentralized, Groupable, Citizen-Verifiable systems is the solution. If such a system is implemented even in an area, crime and corruption in the area will decrease.

See more at

8) Promoting Culture to avoid personal speeches against any persons and instead focus on the systems and proposed Gazette notifications which they have promoted amongst the public and whether they have asked any support for the same –

If activists only give this much information to the public, the voters can decide whom to vote and whom to support. This avoids time waste, useless slandering and instead brings focus on systems to improve systems