Climate Change and Environmental Protection

An air pollution indicator, PM10 (particles with diameter of 10 micrometers or less), with 1,680 micrograms per cubic metre in Delhi is amongst the highest in the world.

In Paris – when PM10 was at more than 80 micrograms per cubic meter of air particles, considered worst air pollution in Paris in 10 years, Public transport was made free !

Our waters and land are also amongst the most polluted in the country compared to other countries. Why ?

Because other countries have better systems like Jury system, Right to recall over various posts etc. prevent these companies to form nexus with corrupt officials and flout anti-corruption rules. Because the Replace procedures will ensure that 99% of officials improve their behavior and take action against the anti-corruption rules violating companies. Jury system, in which randomly chose 15-1500 citizens give judgement instead of judges, leading to quick and fair trail, when in place installs a fear of being punished within a short time by the citizens.

Please see more details on proposed Recall procedures and Jury system in chapter 6, 21